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Manage identity and access for your employees with a click.


Still managing Identity and Access of SaaS manually?

When you use more than 5 software (as a service), the total cost greatly increases


It causes lapses in security, resulting in losses amounting to millions


Stop wasting resources, automate all works from now!

On Znvit, you can manage all identity and access of SaaS for employees with a click
Cost savings of up to 90%, giving you peace of mind in integrating all software

Identity and Access of organization would not be invisible anymore.

Never forget to close or open the wrong access to cause data leakage


Znvit will protect the data security, you don’t need to take unnecessary risks


Try now!


Per user, per month


5 Users at most

Manage Access of SaaS


Per user, per month


Unlimited Users

Manage Access of SaaS

Manage Identity of SaaS


Per user, per month


Unlimited Users

Manage Access of SaaS

Manage Identity of SaaS

Add Custom Integration

Maximize your soft power!

Znvit strives to provide an identity and access management service, let companies can use software (as a service) more efficiently and safely.

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